Dear Customer
As a professional who is meticulous about the reliability and quality of the production processes in the plant, you surely know to appreciate the importance of the implementation of the Measurement and Control equipment in the production facilities.
In order to ease on you the process of selecting the Control Instruments and the necessary maintenance of the equipment installed in your plant, we have established a professional website divided into main Control topics enabling you to select the most suitable equipment out of a range of options.

Technomad Industrial Instruments and Control Ltd. was founded in 1979 and it exclusively represents in Israel over 20 leading foreign suppliers in the sector of Measurement and Control. The company specializes in providing services and supplying Measuring and Control Instruments for the process industry, controlled production facilities, laboratories and research institutes. Technomad is a private company owned by Adi Yarkoni and Shmuel Shlos, who are active General Managers of the company.
The company is committed to its customers and strives to fulfill their needs to the utmost satisfaction in the entire array of its activities.

Effective 1996, the company was granted a certification of The Standards Institution of Israel for ISO 9002 standard and in 2004 the quality assurance system of the company was upgraded to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
The implementation of the standard in the company assures every customer and user a strict control on all of the supply and service processes while maintaining historical records of the entire company's activities.

We shall be glad to see you among our customers

The company's Owners
Adi Yarkoni & Shmuel Shlos

Technomad Co. Ltd Industrial Instruments and Control
Consulting and guiding upon purchase
For this purpose, the company extends to its customers a basket of technical services, free of charge, including:
Learning the customer's requirements in selecting the most compatible Measurement and Control equipment to the required application.
Consulting on selecting the installation location and the manner of integrating the equipment in the control system of the plant.
Guiding on operating the equipment and consulting on preventive maintenance.
Initial operation, programming and calibration of the equipment.
· Rapid supply of spare-parts.
· Field and laboratory services for repairing malfunctions in the warranty period.

In addition, the company offers to its customers the following services:
Calibration services.
Annual service agreements.
Equipment installations.

Technomad Sales Department
The company's sales department is managed by Adriel Weinberg, holding Industry and Management degree from an academy in Argentina.
The sales department strives to expand constantly the array of products and present the technological innovations to its customers and most of the technologies in the command and control sector that exist throughout the world.
The company maintains a large inventory of instruments for immediate delivery from the shelf directly to the customer. The department maintains, on a daily basis, close contacts with the company's suppliers in order to obtain support and consulting. Furthermore, the company conducts advance studies and trainings to its customers, holds seminars, conventions and participates in professional exhibitions.
Technomad's sales department is equipped with sophisticated computer system based on the management software of SAP and SBS office organization software of Microsoft thereby enabling quality management and control on the import and sales system while maintaining strict control over import costs and supply dates.

Technomad Service Department
The service department is managed by Alex Feldman, an Automation and Control Engineer.
The service department is equipped with sophisticated testing and calibration equipment with high level of accuracy as required by the equipment manufacturers, which are represented in Israel by the company. The equipment is tested and calibrated periodically by an authorized laboratory. The department maintains large warehouse of spare parts enabling fast response for almost every possible malfunction. The service department employees are updated and trained by the manufacturers to enhance the know-how required to maintain and deal with the supplied equipment.

Technomad Products Catalog
In order to make the service more efficient, the company issued a printed catalogue enabling each customer to see it as a source for selecting the Measuring and Control equipment.
The catalogue contains a wide range of Control Instruments in various technologies and as such, the customer can make an optimal selection of the required equipment.

Among our customers
The Chemical industry: Dead Sea Works, Machteshim, Agan Bromine Compounds, Haifa Chemicals, Carmel Olefins, TevaTech, Gadot Bio-Chemicals, Galam, Chemagis, Oil Refineries, Rotem Amfert, Perclass and more....

The pharmaceutical industry: Teva, Agis, Rakach, Rafa, Bio-Technology General, XTL and more...

The food industry: Tempo, Coca Cola, Gan Sshmuel Foods, Prigat, Prinir, Cham and more...

Water Supply and Water Treatment: Mekorot, Israel Desalination Engineering,{I.D.E} , Via Maris ,Tambur Ecology, Amiad Filters, Arkal and more...

Engineering Companies: Baran Engineering, Ludan Engineering, Betman Engineering, Compax, Nave Cohen, Malin, Balsha Ylon, Hagam and more...

Hi-Tech plants: Intel, Tower, Motorola, Israel Aviation Industries, Elbit , Elop ,and others.
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